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Simple task/command runner inspired by make with declarative goals and dependencies.

The simplest way to think of this tool is to have a way to have "shortcuts" (aka goals) to some pieces of scripts. This way allows to call them easily without the need to call long shell one-liners instead.

Example Makesurefile:

@goal downloaded
@reached_if [[ -f code.tar.gz ]]
  wget http://domain/code.tar.gz
@goal extracted
@depends_on downloaded
  tar xzf code.tar.gz 

@goal built
@depends_on extracted
  npm install
  npm run build

@goal deployed
@depends_on built
  scp -C -r build/* user@domain:~/www

@goal default
@depends_on deployed

Now to run the whole build you just issue ./makesure command in a folder with Makesurefile (default goal will be called).

You can as well call single goal explicitly, example ./makesure built.

Also pay attention to @reached_if directive. This one allows skipping goal if it's already satisfied. This allows to speedup subsequent executions.

By default, all scripts inside goals are executed with bash. If you want to use sh just add @shell sh directive at start of the Makesurefile.