Only valid: inside @goal.


@reached_if <condition>

Allows skipping goal execution if it's already satisfied. This allows to speedup subsequent executions. Only one per goal allowed. The goal will be considered fulfilled (and thus will not run) if condition executed as a shell script returns exit code 0. Any condition evaluation is done only once.

Example Makesurefile:

@goal file_created
@reached_if [[ -f ./file.txt ]]
  echo "Creating file ..."
  echo "hello world" > ./file.txt

If you run ./makesure file_created the first time:

  goal 'file_created' ...
Creating file ...

If you run ./makesure file_created the second time:

  goal 'file_created' [already satisfied].

It is a good practice to name goals that declare @reached_if in past tense.

@reached_if should only rely on condition that is changed by the owning goal (why?).