$ ./makesure -h
makesure ver. 0.9.23
Usage: makesure [options...] [-f buildfile] [goals...]
 -f,--file buildfile
                 set buildfile to use (default Makesurefile)
 -l,--list       list all available non-@private goals
 -la,--list-all  list all available goals
 -d,--resolved   list resolved dependencies to reach given goals
 -D "var=val",--define "var=val"
                 override @define values
 -s,--silent     silent mode - only output what goals output
 -t,--timing     display execution times for goals and total
 -x,--tracing    enable tracing in bash/sh via `set -x`
 -v,--version    print version and exit
 -h,--help       print help and exit
 -U,--selfupdate update makesure to latest version